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Gympie Diesel and Dyno Centre - K&N Filters Logo.Performance begins with K&N Performance Filters. Gympie Diesel and Dyno recommends and supplies K&N filters for your performance vehicle.

Gympie Diesel and Dyno Centre - K&N Filters.K&N believe the primary function of an air filter is to deliver both high airflow and superior dirt protection. K&N air filters provide minimum restriction allowing high airflow into an engine. In the vast majority of cases increased airflow will increase engine performance measured by horsepower and throttle response (torque). The performance benefits of maximum airflow are clear, compelling and well documented. That is why so many professional racers are willing to run expensive vehicles with no air filter, as opposed to installing a disposable air filter. They are seeking the additional horsepower and throttle response needed to win the race.

K&N air filters are designed to provide superior filtration of the contaminants that can harm your engine while maximizing the airflow characteristics of the filter.

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