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Gympie Diesel and Dyno Centre - turbocharger fitted to a Nissan Patrol.A turbocharger increase engine horsepower by delivering additional air to sustain efficient combustion at higher fuel flows.

What makes it unique is that the turbocharger itself makes no demand for extra energy since it is powered by the heat energy in the engine's exhaust gases which would otherwise go to waste.

Rather than being expelled to the atmosphere, exhaust gases are channeled to drive a turbine wheel in an exhaust housing.

Connected to the turbine but in a separate chamber, is a compressor wheel.

Turbo bodyAs this second wheel spins, it supplies clean air to the engine. A turbocharger literally turns waste into work.

While doing so, it increases fuel efficiency and reduces exhaust emissions.

Turbocharging is recognised as being the most effective and economical method of making an internal combustion engine more energy efficient.

In addition, turbochargers can yield important environmental benefits by reducing exhaust noise and emission levels.



  Standard Engine 85 KW at 4000 RPM 264 NM at 2000 RPM (natural-aspirated)


Evolution 3 Turbo 130 KW at 4000 RPM 388 NM at 1800 RPM (.5 Bar boost)
(This data is sourced from Turbo Dynamics and is based on fitting an Evolution 3 TURBO to a
Nissan Patrol T.D.42 Diesel)

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