We specialise in the service, maintenance and repair of 4WD and diesel powered vehicles

Setting up a 4WD suspension system isn’t all about the added gains on the tape measure. Tough Dog products are specifically designed and engineered to deliver a complete suspension solution, not only for off road clearance, but for ride quality, handling and load carrying capabilities as well.

Tough Dog suspension products provide the ability to create a tailored suspension package that can transform your vehicle, regardless of how you use it. Tough Dog have developed a product to suit just about every possible application. In most vehicles, we offer multiple shock and spring options to fine tune every aspect of a particular package as well as a range of other specialised and optional accessories

Vehicle Servicing

Gympie Diesel service will ensure your car or 4wd vehicle is always well maintained

Tunning Chips

Tuning Chips will improve the performance of your car or 4wd vehicle

Dyno Tuning

Get the best performance from your car or 4wd vehicle with a Dyno tune

Turbo Installs

A turbo kit greatly boost the performance of your car or 4wd vehicle

Regular preventive maintenance is probably the single thing you can do as a car owner to keep your ride happy and save money on repairs in the future. 

Nail in your tyre? It’s important to know if a puncture can be repaired if the tire needs to be replaced. Contact us for prompt and courteous advice on whether to repair or replace.

We can help improve your visibility by inspecting windshield wiper blades, headlamps, turn signals, and brake lights, and by filling your windshield washer fluid.

The arrival of winter brings short days, colder, foggy mornings and wet roads. With them come situations drivers face that they don’t at other times of the year.

Driving at times can be a very frustrating exercise and many things can annoy us but its best to stay calm and drive safely to your destination.

Maintaining your vehicle’s tyres is not only essential to getting better mileage, but it is also crucial to ensuring safety on the road. To maximize tyre life, the Car Care Council recommends checking tire condition and pressure regularly, and there is no better time to start than now. “It takes only five minutes to check tyre pressure, including the spare. Since tyres effect a vehicle’s ride, handling and traction, checking tyre pressure is very important.
If you want a reliable and safe car that performs well, it’s important to look after it through regular servicing. Missing a car service to save money can be a false economy and could cost you more in the long term, as minor problems left unfixed can lead to major repairs.
Gympie Diesel and Dyno Centre has all the facilities to undertake all diesel fuel and injector repairs for trucks and four wheel drives. We specialise in servicing and repairing fuel system components and injectors in out state of the art facilities at the Gympie Diesel and Dyno Centre.
Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. A hot or burnt oil smell could mean that oil is leaking onto the exhaust system or another hot portion of the driveline. The scent of burning rubber could mean a slipping drive belt or a loose hose rubbing against rotating accessory drive-belt pulleys.